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“Thanks Tara for always believing in me and making me feel like I was your only client. You made the impossible possible. Forever grateful.”

- Gabriel V.

Holmdel NJ

Legal trouble can happen anywhere, even in the pleasant, peaceful and prosperous New Jersey township of Holmdel. If you get a traffic citation, or are arrested as a disorderly person, or get into alcohol, drug or some other offense at the PNC Bank Art Center, the first person you should talk to is Holmdel criminal defense attorney Tara Breslow-Testa.

Even small town offenses can have big-time consequences. Tara Breslow-Testa is New Jersey born, bred and educated (Rutgers) and she has many years of experience on both sides of the bench to ease the burden of penalties and fines for everything from misdemeanors to felonies.

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Pleasant, Peaceful and Prosperous

Located about 30 miles as the red-tailed hawk flies from New York City, and about 15 miles west of the Jersey Shore, Holmdel is a small, quiet, prosperous New Jersey township. Holmdel is a little bit famous for being the home of Bell Labs - where important research into the Big Bang Theory (not the TV show) won Nobel Prizes for Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson.

Holmdel might be a contraction of “pleasant” and “valley” in Dutch, and the “pleasant” part is right. Holmdel is a clean and well-lighted place, with public parks, a municipal swimming pool and other attractions. Because of Bell Labs and the township’s proximity to New York City, Holmdel has an average family income of $150,000+ and was ranked #1 as a “Six Figure Town” by Money Magazine and CNN in 2009.

The PNC Bank Art Center

Peaceful, hard-working and prosperous. But during the summer concert season, the 17,000 population of Holmdel more than doubles when music and arts fans flood in from far and wide to attend shows at the PNC Bank Art Center - located just off the Garden State Parkway.

Sometimes these fans get swept away by the music and various substances, disturb the peace and are arrested by uniformed and plainclothes peace officers who are scattered liberally around PNC to keep the peace.

PNC Bank Art Center is one of the best places on the eastern seaboard to rock and roll and satisfy your soul, but if your soul gets out of control and you are arrested for drug possession, underage drinking, disorderly persons, assault, lewd behavior or other offenses, the first thing you should do - before you talk to anyone - is contact Holmdel criminal defense lawyer Tara Breslow-Testa. Tara has seen it all and defended dozens of people of all ages in the Holmdel municipal court. She is prepared to give you legal aid and advice if you find yourself in times of trouble.

Tara knows you just want to rock out and maybe take a t-shirt or glowy thingy home as a souvenir - not a conviction for drug, alcohol or other offenses that can have long-term resonations for juveniles and adults.

Tara Breslow-Testa has experience throughout New Jersey in all areas of criminal law including:

  • Drug Offenses. Every year there are scores and even hundreds of arrests at PNC Bank Art Center for drug offenses as simple as rolling a joint to selling meth and heroin. The courts deal harshly with drug offenses, and you would be wise to have Tara Breslow-Testa by your side to ease the blow.
  • Juvenile Offenses. Fights, drugs, DUI: A conviction for any crime in juvenile court can have serious resonations into the future: college, jobs, professional licenses. Tara has many years of experience defending younger people who have made a mistake, and will work hard to keep this mistake from affecting the future.
  • Municipal Court Violations. The days and weeks after some concerts at PNC Bank Art Center will herd dozens and sometimes hundreds of people through the Holmdel Municipal Court, accused of misdemeanors such as traffic offenses, simple assault, DWI/DUI, drug offenses and disorderly persons. While these offenses are less serious than felonies, municipal court violations can be time-intensive, expensive and can land a person in jail - and wreck your memory of a great concert. Tara Breslow-Testa is a criminal defense lawyer defending Holmdel residents and visitors - dedicated to reducing your exposure to penalties in time and money.
  • Assault Charges. Rock music/rap music x alcohol x young people sometimes = fights. An assault charge can be simple or aggravated, but the courts take any assault very seriously and there can be serious consequences: Anger management classes to years in jail and stiff fines. If taken into jail and presented in court on assault charges, you want a fighter in your corner from the first bell. Tara Breslow-Testa has many years of experience negotiating Pre-trial Intervention and in Pre-Indictment Court.

At the Law Office of Tara Breslow-Testa, we treat each client with individualized attention in order to achieve the best results possible. We are selective in the cases we accept in order to provide the focus and commitment you deserve.

For aggressive and effective criminal defense representation in the township of Holmdel, contact Holmdel criminal defense attorney Tara Breslow-Testa at 732-784-2880 now for a free consultation.