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“Thanks Tara for always believing in me and making me feel like I was your only client. You made the impossible possible. Forever grateful.”

- Gabriel V.

Monmouth County NJ

Monmouth County is located in New Jersey, and is the northernmost county on the Jersey Shore. Monmouth County is in close proximity to New York City and is considered to be part of the New York metropolitan area. Over the last several years, its population has rapidly increased.

With nearly 650,000 residents, Monmouth County boasts an abundance of businesses, restaurants and residential neighborhoods. It also maintains a thriving boating and fishing industry.

For many years, Attorney Tara Breslow has been providing high quality criminal defense representation to residents of Monmouth County and those facing charges in the Monmouth County Court system. She understands what’s at stake and has a proven track record of obtaining the best possible results for her Monmouth County clients and individuals throughout New Jersey in all areas of criminal law including:

  • Drug Offenses. Drug crimes include the possession, distribution and manufacture of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine or any other street drug. Drug crimes are treated very seriously by the state of New Jersey, and convictions may lead to large fines and possible imprisonment.
  • Juvenile Offenses. For minors facing criminal charges, we understand the importance of keeping the matter in juvenile court and out of the adult court system. We also know that a conviction for any crime, even in juvenile court, can have a profound effect on the direction of your life. At our Monmouth County law office, we pride ourselves on being advocates for youthful offenders. Attorney Tara Breslow has years of experience representing the most vulnerable, and will work tirelessly to obtain to most appropriate resolution for juvenile offenders.
  • Municipal Court Violations. Municipal court violations include misdemeanors such as disorderly persons offenses, traffic offenses, DWI/DUI, harassment, and simple assault. Despite generally carrying less serious penalties than felonies, Monmouth County municipal court violations can be burdensome, costly, and even lead to jail time. An experienced Monmouth County criminal defense attorney can help protect your rights and reduce potential penalties.
  • Assault Charges. Assault charges can range from misdemeanor to felonies such as aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, and assault on a law enforcement officer. A conviction may mean significant penalties including incarceration, fines, parole ineligibility, and a potential loss of future employment.Attorney Tara Breslow also has years of experience assisting individuals with Pre-trial Intervention and in Pre-Indictment Court as well as providing aggressive defense to individuals facing charges for drug crimes, motor vehicle violations, DWI violations, fraud, sex crimes, white-collar crime, domestic violence, probation violations and other serious offenses.

At the Law Office of Tara Breslow, we treat each client with individualized attention in order to achieve the best results possible. We are selective in the cases we accept in order to provide the focus and commitment you deserve.

For aggressive and effective criminal defense representation in Monmouth County, contact New Jersey criminal defense attorney Tara Breslow at 732-784-2880 now for a free consultation.

Our office address is located at One River Center, 331 Newman Springs Road, Building 1, 4th Floor, Suite 143, Red Bank, New Jersey 07701.

Client Reviews
"I am thankful I have you as an attorney. After meeting with you I can see your reputation does you no justice to how really awesome you are. I am encouraged and elated. Thanks for being so good at what you do." Mario
"She is the best. Helped me with a criminal matter and handled my situation perfectly. Was very knowledgeable answered all my questions. Helped me get out of a bad situation when I thought there was no hope. She even called me the night before the court date to put my mind to rest..." Pedro
"Tara Breslow is by far the best lawyer. She makes the impossible become possible. If it was not for her.. I do not know where i would be. This is the lawyer you want. She is amazing!!..." Brittany
"I called Tara on a Sunday morning and to my surprise, she returned my call that same day. My son was facing serious criminal charges in Monmouth County that could have affected him for the rest of his life. However, Tara dug in and worked the case that resulted in a better than expected disposition. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone facing any serious criminal charges." Jose
"Tara presented my case in a positive way, which resulted in a more favorable outcome for me. She advised me very well and helped me prepare for my court appearance. Tara is a very reliable and experienced attorney. If it weren't for her assistance, I would not have had such a positive outcome in my court appearance." Anonymous