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Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI)

New Jersey Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTI)

The New Jersey Pre-trial Intervention Program (PTI) was designed to help first time offenders avoid jail time and stay out of the “system.” The PTI program strives to address several factors in a first time offender’s life and thereby deter future criminal or disorderly conduct. Once a first time offender successfully completes the PTI program, charges will be dismissed and a criminal record avoided.

Attorney Tara Breslow has assisted numerous individuals throughout New Jersey, including Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County and Union County determine whether they’re eligible for PTI, and if admitted, has helped them navigate through the often confusing system.

If an individual is eligible for Pre–Trial Intervention, he or she will first fill out an application followed by an interview with the probation department. Following this process, probation with either recommend PTI or in the alternative probation can reject the individual. Regardless of the decision, the PTI application is then transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office. The Prosecutor’s Office can either follow probation’s recommendation or they can render a different position.

When individuals have been denied PTI, Ms. Breslow has successfully appealed numerous adverse decisions on behalf of her clients. She is devoted to helping individuals in trouble and believes that a single offense may be the result of a greater set of circumstances. Each individual’s situation must be evaluated to determine the best possible outcome with the best chance of future success.

Who Qualifies for Pre-Trial Intervention? How do I Successfully Complete PTI?

Successful completion of the PTI program is based on several factors.

  • Avoiding additional offenses
  • Performing community service
  • Reporting to probation
  • Counseling

If you successfully complete the conditions set forth by the court, expungement is possible six months later.

Because of the substantial benefits provided once accepted into the PTI program, determining whether you’re eligible for the program and can avoid criminal charges is crucial to your future. Attorney Tara Breslow is committed to helping each of her clients by providing them the support, attention and advocacy they deserve.

Please contact Attorney Tara Breslow in confidence for a free consultation to discuss PTI or any other criminal matter.