Picture of Tara Breslow
“Thanks Tara for always believing in me and making me feel like I was your only client. You made the impossible possible. Forever grateful.”

- Gabriel V.


Really Awesome!

I am thankful I have you as an attorney. After meeting with you I can see your reputation does you no justice to how really awesome you are. I am encouraged and elated. Thanks for being so good at what you do.
Posted by Mario

I highly recommend using Tara as your lawyer

Tara was the most understanding, honest and straight foward lawyer I have ever came in contact with. She knew what was at stake and didn't want to settle for less. She pushed hard and fought even harder to pursue the most amazing and best outcome if the situation possible. She did things that I never even heard a lawyer said they would be able to do in my situation and because of that I have my life back and more. She made me feel as though I was able to trust her even though I wasn't able to meet with her in person until the day of court. Tara was was a very smart and intelligent lawyer. This has been the best experience I've ever had dealing with the court system. I am very grateful and honored to have met her and trusted her to get my issues resolved. I wasn't expecting the outcome that occurred I would have honestly been happy with anything other than jail but she got everything handled in a timely fashion. I highly recommend using Tara as your lawyer. She will definitely try her hardest to get the job done as quickly and pain free as possible.
Posted by Mary

Professional, swift and strong with every case she handles

She has been the best lawyer I have ever gotten. Had a case that would've required mandatory jail and would've taken me away from my fiancé and my newborn son. She wasted no time doing everything in her power to make sure my family was intact. She is amazing and I will always recommend her to anyone who needs her. Professional, swift and strong with every case she handles. Thank you so much for everything.
Posted by Philip

Superior Legal Representation

I was very fortunate to have Ms. Breslow recommended to me. She worked with me on two separate legal matters, both of which were resolved with an incredible level of satisfaction. The combination of her work ethic, legal acumen and the respect given to her by her peers in the field were hands down a winning combination. If you require legal representation do not hesitate to seek out her services. You will not be disappointed and will find yourself as I do now; extremely grateful for having put my trust in her abilities.
Posted by Steve

Great Outcome!

I called Tara on a Sunday morning and to my surprise, she returned my call that same day. My son was facing serious criminal charges in Monmouth County that could have affected him for the rest of his life. However, Tara dug in and worked the case that resulted in a better than expected disposition. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone facing any serious criminal charges.
Thank you Tara!
Posted by Jose

Highly Recommend 10/10!!!!!

I highly recommend attorney Tara Breslow. She genuinely cares about her clients and she will go above and beyond what most lawyers will do. She is intelligent, experienced, and caring. She will not let the court take advantage of you and she will fight for you from every angle possible. I was caught with three separate charges involving marijuana and paraphernalia in a vehicle. Tara did everything she could throughout the entire process and I ended up getting all of the charges dismissed and expunged off my record! I am forever grateful for her services and dedication. She makes you feel like your case matters and she will help keep your anxieties at bay throughout it. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an attorney. She is a great lawyer as well as a great person. She will exceed your expectations!
Posted by Gabrielle

She will be better than your first choice

I highly recommend Tara to anyone who expects their attorney to provide the best possible outcome and put forth maximum effort. I was caught in a bad spot (lost job opportunities, could not even volunteer in some instances) I spoke with several attorneys prior to speaking with Tara and they all wanted me to do PTI, as if fighting an unjust arrest wasn't even a possibility in their minds. Tara was able to both keep my anxiety at a minimum while also realizing the seriousness of my situation. Bottom line, she was the 4th attorney I spoke with and I am extremely grateful I did, DO NOT settle when it comes to your life and your record. I had my charges dismissed and my dignity restored. 10/10, I'd recommend her to anyone.
Posted by Matt


Tara Breslow is by far the best lawyer. She makes the impossible become possible. If it was not for her.. I do not know where i would be. This is the lawyer you want. She is amazing!!
Posted by Brittany

A Very Reliable and Experienced Attorney

Tara presented my case in a positive way, which resulted in a more favorable outcome for me. She advised me very well and helped me prepare for my court appearance. Tara is a very reliable and experienced attorney. If it weren't for her assistance, I would not have had such a positive outcome in my court appearance.
Posted by Anonymous

The best!

I was so nervous about the expungement process and avoided it for years but Tara was extremely knowledgable and made it completely painless for me. She was there to answer my questions every step of the way and a few months later it was all taken care of. I am so glad that I found her and would highly recommend Tara to anyone needing an attorney!
Posted by Anonymous

The absolute BEST criminal defense lawyer in the state of New Jersey!

If it was possible to give an attorney more than a 5-star rating, I would absolutely give it to Tara. If you are ever in the unfortunate situation of having to hire a criminal defense lawyer, Tara is the absolute only option. As far as a retainer fee is concerned, Tara's rate is EXTREMELY reasonable. After consultations with several lawyers who quoted me almost twice the amount that I eventually came to pay Tara, it's more than clear that she is not in the field that she's in strictly for the money. She genuinely cares about her clients and goes absolutely above and beyond to help them, both from a legal standpoint and a personal one. Tara is a straight shooter who tells you exactly what you need to hear and doesn't sugar coat. For me, that is exactly the type of attorney that I needed. I was arrested in June of 201`5 for a felony charge and was absolutely scared out of my mind. I had never been in any sort of legal trouble, but that fright I felt quickly dissipated the second I retained Tara. Her confidence, brilliance and professionalism completely put me at ease. I honestly felt like I had an attorney who cared more about my well being and my future than she did her attorney fees, and that feeling was quickly proven true. Tara somehow managed to get my charges completely dismissed by the County Prosecutor without even having to make a single court appearance. Apparently I didn't learn my lesson the first time, because I went on to get arrested for another felony charge in November of 2015, shortly after my initial charge had been dismissed. This was a much more serious and complicated charge, but again I felt confident in Tara's ability to get the best possible outcome. During a time when I was at my absolute lowest, I once again felt confident with Tara in my corner. Tara genuinely cares about the well being of her clients, and showed this to me first hand. During a conversation early after my arrest, she did what she does best - told me exactly what I needed to hear, no matter how unpleasant it was for me to hear it. I've suffered from substance abuse for the past ten years. Tara was able to see the potential in me that I was completely wasting. She connected me with other people who are now sober and I am proud to say that I now have 100+ days sober due in large part to that initial conversation with Tara. As far as my second arrest is concerned, Tara was SOMEHOW able to work her magic and get that charge dismissed! TWO dismissals on two separate felony arrests in a six month DISMISSED! I am fully convinced that had I initially retained another attorney, that absolutely would not be the case. She has TONS of connections both at the municipal and county level and is able to leverage those connections as well as her unbelievable skill and professionalism to get her clients the best possible results. Tara is now handling the expungement of both of these charges, for which she's given me a SUBSTANTIAL financial break on price, and soon enough my record will be completely clear or any charges! I owe Tara my life and couldn't be happier with the results she was able to get me. You'd be foolish to hire any other attorney other than Tara Breslow!
Posted by Anonymous

Highly recommend

For our situation, Tara created a modern day miracle, and saved our son from what was shaping up to be a very bleak future. i strongly encourage anyone needing an attorney to call Tara.
Posted by Anonymous

A lawyer/guardian angel

Tara is young, ambitious, and very knowledgeable of the law. If you run into trouble (we all make mistakes) innocent or not she places nice, but is on the offensive with judges and prosecutors and will cut all the fat police officers usually tack on out of desperation to pin a solid conviction on you, and often using unlawful methods in doing so (its their job). With ME, she turned a potential 10 year hard time sentence into a traffic violation and got me through PTI with flying colors for a simple assault by auto. She saved my life, my family's sanity, and my career. She can be a sweetheart, and a badass (whichever tactics she deems necessary tidey up your case. Her fees are well within market range, if not less. She covers pretty much everything from simple drug possession to suspected armed robbery. Call her if you are in any trouble. Simple possession of pot convictions can seriously cripple if not destroy your career. Remembered you are innocent until proven guilty!!
Posted by Jim

Satisfied client

She is the best. Helped me with a criminal matter and handled my situation perfectly. Was very knowledgeable answered all my questions. Helped me get out of a bad situation when I thought there was no hope. She even called me the night before the court date to put my mind to rest and feel at ease to get a good night sleep. Very polite and professional. If ever I was to need a lawyer again ( hopefully not) she will be my first call. Thank you for everything.
Posted by Pedro

A Miracle In My Life Where There Seemed No Light

I should be sitting in prison right now on a 5 YEAR sentence, BUT here I am in the free world! Thank You Tara! I am so grateful for Tara's belief in me and her determination at what she does. It is a privilege to write this recommendation. I was arrested with a huge amount of narcotics and where I was arrested made the charges doubled with MANDATORY jail time. Further more I had struggled with the criminal life for a decade; any previous attempts of me changing my life never seemed possible. I was sitting in jail when my family was willing to give me one more chance and said they hired Tara Breslow. I was bailed out and went to rehab and my family was keen on following Tara's suggestions, and I was right on board with them. Tara made it clear I must change, and do anything I could do to obtain that. Lets jut say I was in a real jam with the charges I had to put it 'lightly'. Tara would consistently call me in rehab and check in on me, asked how I was doing and I would tell her how I am making progress. In the beginning of our relationship she was very firm and honest about what was going on in my case, yet she always offered me hope in following what she said and for doing the right thing. She made it clear that my charges were no joke and this was serious business. I NEEDED to hear that! This was my life and I was sick of thinking of it as a joke. I did well in treatment and she then recommended further treatment in a sober house. In the past I would not have been open to this but Tara had NOT misguided me once and I LISTENED! I followed her suggestions even when it was not of my liking but she always had my BEST interest. Today I am ever so grateful for that. Tara answered ALL my phone calls, and was always at court early with me; I was always relieved seeing her face and felt comforted by her presence. It made me feel good knowing that is the person who is fighting for my life. THERE is NO ONE ELSE I 'D RATHER HAVE IN MY CORNER! What a spit-fire!! She stood up for me, and was in-tune with my progress since she formed a relationship with me. She wrote letters for me, spoke to people, and went ABOVE and BEYOND what I had ever seen or heard of any lawyer doing. Now here I am; Not in jail, Working a great job, Back n college and a PART OF MY FAMILY! I write all this hoping that someone will be able to relate to the despair I had and see how someones life can change with the help and guidance of people who are placed in our lives to perform MIRACLES! And Tara Breslow did just that for me!
Posted by Rachel

Forever Grateful Mom, Thank You Tara, You're Terrific!

My son was charged with a distribution of marijuana. I was heartbroken and distraught that he made such bad choices that could have ruined his life. Tara went above and beyond, working diligently to avoid serious fines and possible jail time. She was was able to get him into a PTI Program with an early hearing. Any time I called her, off hours or weekends, she always contacted me back, right away with the answers I needed. Her guidance and knowledge gave me such a sense of peace and comfort. It's every parents worst nightmare to see your child going down the wrong path in life, but she was able to talk to him and give him the advice and guidance he needed to get his life back on track. Not only is she an intelligent, brilliant attorney, she has the compassion, wisdom and integrity to help young teenagers realize what is important in their lives. Thanks to her amazing work, counseling, community service, new employment and education, he is on his way to becoming the young man that I am so proud to call my son and it's all thanks to her. I will be forever grateful to Tara. She is an asset to all young teenagers who have the privilege and honor to have her in their corner and is to be commended for a job so well done. I am forever grateful. Thank you Tara. Dee K.
Posted by Dee

Tara N. Breslow is the BEST!

Attorney Tara Breslow is a God Sent Angel! She is one of the best. She saved my life by being the must knowledgeable, trustworthy attorney I have every dealt with. I had recently pleaded to 6 months in jail with probation; however, Attorney Breslow got me only probation! Even with my criminal history and the prosecutor would not go any lower, she really worked her magic. If you need a criminal attorney, Tara Breslow is the one. Thanks So Much Tara!!!!
Posted by Arthur