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- Gabriel V.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Attorney for Monmouth County Tara Breslow-Testa

Accidents will happen on the job, ranging from simple, temporary wrist sprains, or life-long complications from asbestosis or mesothelioma.

In New Jersey, employers are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Overseen by the New Jersey Division of Labor and Workforce Development which regulates workers compensation in New Jersey, this insurance protects both employers and employees in the case of a workplace injury, as injured workers are entitled to medical benefits, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, death benefits and social security disability.

Public employees are also eligible for public employee disability pension benefits and military veterans are eligible for veterans disability benefits.

Some workers compensation claims are straightforward and covered by insurance. Other claims are more complicated and might require the services of an attorney. If you have been injured at work and are seeking compensation for temporary disability, medical fees or permanent disability, Monmouth County workers compensation attorney Tara Breslow-Testa is the first person you should talk to.

Born, bred and educated (Rutgers) in New Jersey, Ms. Breslow Testa has represented dozens of injured workers for long and short-term claims. She has navigated the labyrinth of workers compensation laws, regulations, timetables, charts and fees for New Jersey, and knows how to stand up to aggressive attorneys and no-nonsense judges.

If you are applying for benefits, or your claim has been denied and you are appealing, or you feel you are not getting the benefits you deserve, or you have been accused of workers compensation fraud, Tara Breslow-Testa can guide you and eliminate stress from a worker or their family already burdened by injury, in addition to the stresses of filing a court case.

Work-Related Injuries From A to Z

Workers compensation claims can be as simple and temporary or complicated and permanent and there is a long list, from A to Z. Tara Breslow-Testa is a workers compensation attorney for Monmouth County who knows them all: amputation or limb loss, black lung, burns, crush injuries, electrocution, falls, mesothelioma,overexertion, toxic chemical exposure, asbestosis, heart illnesses, cuts and lacerations, strains and sprains, traumatic brain injuries.

For 2019, the workers Compensation Benefit Rates are:

Temporary disability rate: $921 max/$246 min
Permanent partial disability: $921 max/$35 min
Total disability: $921 max/$246 min
Death benefits: $921 max

Better Call Tara

A workers compensation attorney for Monmouth County, Tara Breslow-Testa can guide you through the whole process if you are seeking any form of workers compensation: From filing an application to defending you in court. Your life and livelihood can depend on a successful claim, and Tara Breslow-Testa can help you make it successful.

For a free consultation, call Tara at 732-784-2880.