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Juvenile Offenses

New Jersey Juvenile Offenses

Juvenile convictions may affect the rest of your life. A juvenile conviction may affect whether you get a driver’s license or a particular job. If you get in trouble as an adult, a prior juvenile conviction may affect how a judge views your adult charge. A Deferred Disposition is a way that a juvenile can avoid becoming an adjudicated delinquent, and Ms. Breslow is experienced in getting this result. A juvenile conviction may also impact your self esteem – how you view yourself, the path you’re on, and your chances at success. For all these reason it’s crucial you find an experienced Freehold criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the Monmouth County juvenile court system and how to work with a judge (and prosecutor) to find the most appropriate resolution for juvenile offenders.

Attorney Tara Breslow has represented numerous minors in throughout New Jersey, including Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County and Union County. She is a fierce advocate who will work tirelessly on your child’s behalf. She has years of experience advocating for the most vulnerable – minors who find themselves in trouble for the first time and those having difficulty finding the right path.

What Constitutes a Juvenile Offense?

Any adult crime can be charged as a juvenile offense if the individual is under 18. Frequent juvenile offenses include:

If this is the juvenile’s first adjudication, Ms. Breslow can try to negotiate a deferred disposition if all the necessary criteria are met. This in essence can give a juvenile a second chance.

For more serious crimes, juveniles may be tried in adult court and face adult prison. Attorney Tara Breslow is a skilled criminal defense attorney and has the passion and commitment to vigorously represent you if this becomes a possibility.

What Happens if I’m Charged?

If you’re charged with an offense in most situations your case will be assigned to a family court judge. Traffic offenses and serious crimes may be tried in different courts. Attorney Tara Breslow has a proven track record of working with family court judges to find the best rehabilitative remedy for you- often community service or restitution – rather than placement in a juvenile detention facility.

It is crucial that minors contact an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. Please contact Attorney Tara Breslow in confidence for a free consultation to discuss juvenile offenses or any other criminal matter.