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Possessing Marijuana less than 60 grams

Have You Been Charged With the Crime, Possessing Marijuana less than 60 grams?

If you have been charged with Possession of less than 60 grams of Marijuana- N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10(a)(4), you need to contact Ms. Breslow immediately. This a disorderly persons offense that is going to be heard in the Municipal Court. Although this matter is not heard before a Superior Court, it is still an offense that neither you, nor a loved one, want to have on your criminal record. Ms. Breslow is ready to defend you if you have been charged with this offense. Please note that if a juvenile has been charged with this disorderly persons offense the matter will be heard in the family division of the Superior Court.

Am I Eligible for a Conditional Discharge?

This alternative sentence is available if an individual has no prior drug conviction and no participation in a prior diversion program such as, PTI, or a prior conditional discharge or any other similar program. If an individual gets a conditional discharge, the person must remain arrest free for one year and the court may impose additional conditions. After the one-year period is completed, the original complaint is dismissed. If you or someone you care about has been charged with possession of marijuana, call Ms. Breslow and she will help you through this process. She has the experience to know how to best handle this type of matter.

What are the Penalties for Possession of Marijuana in an Amount less than 60 grams?
  • Jail and/or Probation – Depending on an individual’s criminal history, a guilty plea to this charge can lead to a term of one-year probation and up to six months in the County Jail. In addition, the Judge can order terms to the probation such as random drug screening and regular reporting.
  • Drivers License Suspension– There can be up to a six month loss of license. Ms. Breslow can always argue for no loss of license, under the “compelling circumstances” exception.
  • Fines and other conditions– If a person is found guilty of the possession less than 60 grams, he or she is subject to a DEDR penalties of up to $1,000, in addition there are mandatory court costs.